Chronicling the true story of 68 year old New Zealand native Burt Munro and his quest to set a land speed record, The World’s Fastest Indian has cemented itself as a pinnacle of the motorsport movie genre. Almost fifteen years after its release, we sit down to offer a fresh and contemporary analysis of a film that’s only gained relevance with age.

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One thought on “Motorcycles & Film: The World’s Fastest Indian

  1. scott j kolb says:

    Enjoyed the podcast and it’s analysis into the Worlds Fastest Indian. I still recommend the film as its great for anyone to see, you don’t have to be into bikes, just inspiring stories. We too rode our bikes to the theater to see it for the first time. I walked out and was at Bonneville 8 months later. We were roadracing 125GP 2-strokes so that’s the motor we chose to campaign. We have been 8 times now, a bit addicting.
    My instagram handle if your interested. #kolb_racing
    You may need to scroll past our last year of posts to get into the land speed stuff. Hope to make it back in 2020.
    Thanks again for all the great podcasts!

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