Do you take supplements? Are you absolutely certain there are no illicit or banned substances in them? How do you know?

Andrea Iannone has almost failed a drug test, with his A-sample containing an anabolic steroid. BrotoGP has no idea what’s going to happen to his career just yet. But first, Kev wants to set a few things straight. #1 – Its very possible to unknowingly consume a tainted supplement. #2 – PEDs would benefit motorcycle racing in more ways than you might think. This goes deep.

After that, we hit up MotoAmerica’s loss of the Yoshimura team, their replacement, and what this means for MotoAmerica. Then we talk about the new Superbike Cup and how its going to benefit the Superbike class and MotoAmerica as a whole.

FDA list of tainted supplement products:

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One thought on “You & Andrea Iannone might accidentally be taking PEDs | BrotoGP Ep. 129

  1. Haris Iasonas Haralabides says:

    It’s nonsensical to accuse a motogp raced for anabolic use. It shouldn’t increase the performance of the bike unless the racer, perhaps (and I am ofc kidding), urinates in the gas tank!! If he takes steroids to just look good that’s up to him to ruin his health. I seriously doubt that this use gives him any kind of advantage in motorcycle racing. Now, if this is a policy (public image) issue for the MotoGp community/institution, there shouldn’t be one.

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